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Ultimate Guide Canggu

Things to do in Canggu

1. Surfing

Canggu is a surfer’s paradise with accessible and consistent waves suitable for beginners and experienced surfers. Berawa, Batu Balong, Old’s man or Echo Beach are great surfing spots in Canggu.
You can take surfing lessons or rent a board in one of the many surf schools along the beach.
The best time to go surfing is the morning or late afternoon but it definitely gets more crowded.

You can surf all year round in Canggu but the dry season from April to October is best for beginners!

2. Chill at the beach

Canggu is home to long beaches stretching from Berawa to Pererenan. Don’t expect to find pristine beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water like in the Gili Islands or Uluwatu. The black sand beaches in Canggu are known for their surfing culture and boasts a vibrant atmosphere with many beach bars, restaurants, and chilled beach shacks.

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People gather at the beach every day to watch the magical sunset over the Indian ocean; you’ll also spot many cute dogs running on the beach!

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3. Art Markets

La Brisa Sunday Market is a popular market held at La Brisa beach club every Sunday. The market promotes local farmers, artisans, and artists in a cozy atmosphere. La Brisa Market has a strong impact on the local community and advocates for ethical and ecofriendly practices including a zero-waste policy.  Stroll along the stands to discover Balinese art, diverse handmade products such as jewellery, essential oils, skincare, or handwoven textiles. As expected, there is also a great choice of tasty organic food – fresh fruits, homemade cakes, bread, and other delicacies. Exploring La Brisa Farmers market is the best way to start your Sunday morning in Canggu!
Every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

Love Anchor Market is probably the most popular market in Canggu. Located on the busy Batu Bolong, this nice indoor market sells everything from home decoration, cute jewelry, Bali bags and a lot of beach clothes! This is the perfect place to buy last minute souvenirs before going home. However, the starting prices are so high that it can feel like a tourist trap – expect to haggle a lot with the vendors!

canggu market art

You can find most items (clothes, bags, decoration) in other parts of Bali for cheaper. We found a few good jewelry stands that you don’t see everywhere and managed to get a decent price. The Love Anchor market has a very nice vibe and is worth visiting as you’ll probably walk by anyway!
Open Every day 9 am to 9 pm

Samadi Sunday Market is set every Sunday at Samadi Bali – a wellness and yoga center in Canggu. This market has the same concept as La Brisa Sunday market with local craftsman, organic farmers selling fresh produce! You can find two restaurants, great yoga classes, a supermarket and even a coworking space at Samadi!
Every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm

4. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most important sacred temples in Bali. Dedicated to the Balinese Sea gods, the iconic temple has a stunning location on top of a dramatic rock overlooking the sea off the shore. The sacred site boasts a serene and unique atmosphere offering amazing sunset views.

tanah lot temple
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You can only access the temple’s surroundings when the tide is out. Pura Tanah Lot is a must-see that combines spirituality and breathtaking natural beauty.

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  • How to get to Pura Tanah Lot: 30 minute drive from Canggu – best is to hire a driver that waits for you during your visit otherwise you can rent a scooter and go by yourself.
  • Entrance Fee: 60,000 IDR ($3.60)
  • Opening Hours for visit: 7 am to 7 pm – most people decide to come the temple for the sunset from 5 pm to 7 pm.
  • Tip: You will need to wear a sarong and dress respectfully to visit the temple.

5. Canggu Beach Clubs

Spend a great day at one of the trendy beach clubs in Canggu! If you want to chill on a sunbed by the pool with great food, cocktails, and party music, head to one of the big beach clubs like La Brisa, The Lawn, or FINNS.

la brisa beach club
labrisa beach club pool
beach club labrisa canggu

There is sometimes an entrance fee or minimum amount to spend to book a sunbed and umbrella for the day.  For a more chilled atmosphere, spend the day in one of the beach shacks like Time Beach Warung.

6. Taste the amazing food scene

Canggu is a paradise for foodie lovers with its countless trendy cafés, mouthwatering restaurants serving tasty Indonesian and amazing fusion international food! The expat community in Canggu eat out almost every day so you’ll find tons of options for healthy, vegetarian, and vegan food.

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See below our favorite restaurants in Canggu! New places are opening every month in Canggu so there is always a chance to discover the new hip restaurant!

7. Stay fit in Canggu

Canggu is the perfect place to work out and stay fit in Bali! Here’s the best gyms, yoga studios, and other activities to do.

  • F45
  • Body Factory Bali
  • S2S CrossFit Bali
  • Raw Gym Bali
  • The Canggu Studio
  • Raw Gym Bali
  • LigaTennis Center & Academy
  • Zycle Canggu
  • Wanderlust Fitness Village
  • Nirvana Fitness & Wellness Club
  • Paranava Yoga
  • Loka Yoga School
  • Bliss Yoga Club
  • Jungle Padel
  • Bali Climbing

8. Shopping

Canggu is home to a great selection of fashionable shops from designer labels, surf shops, fashion boutique to classic vintage shops. Whether you want trendy bikinis or clothes, handmade homeware, sustainable skincare, a new surfboard or an ethically made jewelry, Canggu has countless stores offering original products. Most of them are concept stores that produce everything in Indonesia making your shopping experience even more unique!

9. Explore Canggu Rice Fields

The rice fields in Canggu are small but offer a unique and authentic picture of the Balinese farming traditions. Head to the intersection of Jalan Raya Canggu and Jalan Raya Babakan to escape from the hustle and bustle of Canggu and walk down the rice fields for a peaceful walk! Some restaurants and guest houses have direct views of beautiful rice fields.

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10. Day Trips from Canggu

From Canggu, you can reach many other iconic places in Bali for a day trip. Here are a few ideas to discover the rest of the island:

  • Ubud between waterfalls and temples
  • Jimbaran beach night trip at one of the many seafood restaurants
  • Uluwatu Temple and stunning beaches
  • Nusa Penida

The easiest way is to hire a driver for the day and negotiate a price for all the stops you’d like to do.

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Best restaurants & cafés


  • Muda by/ Suka
  • Revolver Canggu
  • Santanera
  • Mason Bar
  • Hippie Fish Pererenan Beach
  • Shelter Restaurant
  • Sa’Mesa Canggu
  • Varuna Warung
  • Ithaka Warung
  • Red Gunpowder
  • Yuki Canggu
  • Luigi’s Hot Pizza
  • Si Jin
  • Luma
  • HoiAn by MeVui
  • Fucina


  • Brooklyn Billiards Bali
  • Sol rooftop Bali
  • Bar Vera Bali

Café & Brunch places

  • Sensorium Bali
  • Copenhagen
  • Fold
  • Baked
  • Sari Kitchen & Community
  • LowCal, Cheatery and Bar
  • Kynd Community
  • Bagels
  • Delicanggu
  • Crate Cafe
  • My happy place
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Beach clubs

  • Times Beach Warung
  • La Brisa
  • The Lawn Canggu
  • Sol Rooftop
  • Café del Mar

Where to stay in Canggu

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canggu airbnb livingroom

How to travel to Canggu

  1. Taxi: Cost: Approximately 200K IDR to 300K IDR . Time: between 1h to 2h, depending on traffic.
  2. Private Transfer: Cost: Prices vary but may range from 300K IDR to IDR 600K IDR or more, depending on the type of vehicle and services included. Time: Like a taxi, around 1-2h.
  3. Ride-Sharing Apps (e.g., Grab, Gojek): Cost: Depending on surge pricing and distance, it could be similar to or slightly lower than taxi fares.
  4. Shuttle Bus: Some accommodations offer free shuttle services, so check with your hotel. If it’s not free, the cost and time would vary depending on the specific service.
  5. Renting a Car or Scooter: Rental prices vary by type of vehicle and rental duration. A scooter rental can range from 50,000 to 100,000 per day, while car rentals can start at 200,000 per day.

Getting around

Rent a scooter: budget friendly option to discover freely the island but be aware that the roads in Lombok are not well maintained and can be dangerous if you’re not a confident driver. Scooter rental price per day: around 100K – $6.50

Taxi or Grab/Gojek: great option for short rides (example: Kuta to the airport). This can be arranged by your hotel, or you can directly use the apps. Expect to pay roughly 100K – $6.50 to go to Lombok airport from Kuta.

Best time to visit Canggu

The best time to visit Canggu is from April to September during the dry season. There are few rainy days, but you can enjoy the stunning beaches, snorkeling, and any outdoor activities.

The rainy season is from October to March. You can still enjoy discovering the Island and the surfing conditions are good during this period.

How many days do you need

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