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7 Day Itinerary in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a fascinating island in the Canaries nestled 80 miles (125 km) off the northwest coast of Africa. This Canary Island features lunar-like volcanic landscapes sharpened by lava fields, pristine beaches, and unique sites created by the artist Cesar Manrique that contrast the whitewashed traditional houses and the deep blue sea.

This 7-day itinerary takes you through the best sights and experiences to do in Lanzarote including the best areas to stay and our favorite restaurants!

Getting around Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a small island with a length of 58 km and a width of 34.5 km making it very easy to discover! Lanzarote is home to about 110 craters and other volcanic cones, each more photogenic than the next.

Lanzarote 2

Do you need a car in Lanzarote?

We recommend renting a car to visit the island. Although the island is small, you will have more freedom and flexibility with your car. The roads are large and well-maintained.

Which car rental company should you use in Lanzarote?

Based on our Tenerife trip, we recommend renting your car with CICAR, a Canarian rental car agency, which has the easiest and smoothest process we have ever experienced with cheap prices.

  • The price includes full insurance and an additional driver. The cars are always in very good condition! The only things not covered by the insurance are losing the key or breaking down off-road.  

Driving in Lanzarote

Driving in Lanzarote is very easy. There aren’t that many roads so we found it simple to navigate, even without a GPS. There are many signs and direct roads so you can’t get lost!

From the airport, you are close to the main resort & historical towns:

  • 10 minutes from Puerto del Carmen – the most popular area to stay.
  • 10 minutes from Arrecife – the vibrant capital.
  • 15 minutes from Costa Teguise – popular area and geographically close to most sights.
  • 20 minutes from Teguise – inland historical town.
  • 30 minutes from Playa Blanca – our favorite area which is less crowded with beautiful beaches.

What if I don’t want to drive?

Lanzarote is also very popular with cyclists who enjoy the scenic and mostly flat roads to discover the different points of interest! This could be an option if you are a keen cyclist but overall, we still recommend having a rental car.

Alternatively, you can book excursions with local tourist agencies to visit the whole island!

How many days do you need in Lanzarote?

One week is the perfect time to see the best sights in Lanzarote and include some days to laze at the beach or your hotel swimming pool!

Where to stay in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a small island so you can easily stay in one area for the week and explore the whole island.

Arrecife map best areas e1705590024236

We decided to split our week between Playa Blanca (3 nights) and Costa Teguise (4 nights) to discover both areas and drive less!

Playa Blanca

Located 30 minutes south of the airport, our favorite area to stay was Playa Blanca. We loved its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful promenade, and vistas of Fuerteventura and the small Isla de Lobos in the background of the Rubicon Marina and Playa Blanca beach.

Filled with sea-view restaurants, bars, and shops, Playa Blanca also features large golden sand beaches. There is a large choice of accommodations from 5-star hotels to rental flats for every budget and many traditional and ‘Western’ restaurants.

Our Hotel: Cala Lanzarote Suites and Hotel, a 5-star adult-only, near the Rubicon Marina. We had a private villa for 4 people with 2 bedrooms, a private pool, and an amazing sea view! The villa was beautiful, clean, and modern. The main pool at the hotel is also very nice.
This hotel made us love Playa Blanca even more. The only negative point was the breakfast price which was 18€ per person so we skipped it.

calaLanzarote hotel private villa
cala lanzarote suites hotels
calaLanzarote hotel private villa view 1

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is only 15 minutes north of the airport and boasts large hotels, rental apartments, plenty of shops, and a lively nightlife!
We particularly enjoyed the location of Costa Teguise which is close to all the main attractions in the central and north part of the island. The beaches are not as nice as in the south of the island.

Bear in mind that there are mostly English tourists, so you’ll find many pubs and restaurants serving English and Indian food!

Our Hotel: Barcelo Teguise Beach, a large 4-star adult-only hotel, in the middle of Costa Teguise where we had a classic sea view bedroom. We liked the location, close to the main promenade! However, the room felt a bit cramped and needed renovation especially the shower which was leaking outside. Breakfast was good and the pool area was very nice.

costa teguise 3 4 2

Puerto del Carmen

The most famous beach resort town in Lanzarote with many hotels, restaurants, and plenty of activities to do! This area probably boasts some of the nicest hotels on the island.


This lovely historical town in the central-north part of the island offers historical sights and traditional restaurants. There are some very nice hotels like the Palacio Ico.


The capital of Lanzarote located in the center of the island is a great option for those who want to be in a less touristy area amongst local people.

Punta Mujeres

This small coastal village located on the northeast of the island is ideal for travelers seeking tranquility and peace. It’s also close to many attractions as well.

Best 7-days Lanzarote Itinerary

Our itinerary is split geographically and boasts the best experiences and things to see in Lanzarote. From the most impressive natural landscapes to the coolest cultural sites, Lanzarote is full of surprises!

Lanzarote Point of Interests e1705936004417

Day 1: South of the Island (Hike to Papagayo Beach & Discover Playa Blanca)

Hike to Papagayo Beach

One of the best things to do in Playa Blanca is to see the Papagayo Punta in the southeast of the Island. This breathtaking stretch of coastline features long golden sandy beaches with immaculate blue water, lunar landscapes, and picturesque cliffs with amazing panoramic vistas of Fuerteventura across the sea.

view papagayo beach 4 3 3

The most famous beach on the island is the last one on the coast called Papagayo Beach. Take some time to sunbathe, swim, and even snorkel in the clear water to spot fish near the rocks. This part of the island is popular but unspoiled making it a must-visit for any travelers.

papagayo beach 3 4 3
view papagayo beach 3 4 2

If you come for sunset, Papagayo beach will be in the shade! Try to come in the morning or early afternoon depending on the heat!  

How to hike to Papagayo Beach: Follow the footpath from the Rubicon Marina until you reach the end of the black beach in front of the Sandos Papagayo Hotel. Then you need to climb a small cliff to reach the main path. Along the way, you’ll find many untouched beaches where you can stop to swim.

hike papagayo beach 2
portrait hike to papagayo beach 3 4
hike to punta papagayo 3 4 2

It takes around an hour (4 km) to reach the last beach on the coast, Papagayo Beach, where you’ll find two bars serving drinks and food. Return the same way.

hike to punta papagayo beach 4 3

Other options to reach Papagayo Beach: Alternatively, you can drive 10km from Playa Blanca, it takes around 20 minutes to reach Papagayo Beach. Bear in mind that you’ll drive off-road, so be careful with your rental car because the road is bumpy and rocky, and your car will get dirty. There is a parking when you get to Papagayo Beach.
Finally, during peak season, you can catch a speedboat from Playa Blanca.

Discover Playa Blanca, the Rubicon Marina, shops, and beaches

Spend some time strolling around the Rubicon Marina with its nice shops, seafront cafés and restaurants. There are some beautiful beaches like the Playa Dorada or Playa Blanca where you can rent sunbeds. The promenade from the Rubicon Marina to Playa Blanca is perfect for a long walk or a run.

playa blanca promenade 2

You can also start your day with the Artisan Market at the Rubicon Marina on Wednesday and Sunday morning from 9 AM to 2 PM and head to Papagayo Beach early afternoon!

Day 2: West of the Island’s natural wonders
(Timunfaya National Park + El Golfo + Chaco Verde viewpoints + Los Hiverderos + Los Salinas de Janubio & beach)

Visit Timunfaya National Park

Located on the west coast, Timunfaya National Park is one of the most unique and striking landscapes in Lanzarote. The violent volcanic eruptions that occurred between 1730 and 1736, and in 1824 destroyed many villages and agricultural lands, and led to the formation of this distinctive geography made of rugged terrains, black and red volcanic soil, craters, and solidified lava. The roads to get to the National Park are particularly beautiful.

road national park 3 4
portrait timanfaya national park 3 4

Montana Del Fuego is the main attraction in Timunfaya National Park. Since the park is protected, you can’t walk around and visit by yourself but here are the activities to do.

  • Hop on the 30-minute guided tour bus that takes you through spectacular bendy roads surrounded by volcanoes and lava flows. The driver stops at different viewpoints along the way to get a close look at the lava tunnels, and red craters.
    The pre-recorded commentaries in Spanish, English, and German make the experience even more interesting. Bring your headphones if you prefer a different language, you can scan a QR code in the bus and listen to the comments on your phone.
lanzarote timanfaya national park 3 4 4
lanzarote timanfaya national park 3 4
lanzarote timanfaya national park 3 4 5

Sit on the right side of the bus to have the nicest views of this incredible landscape!

  • El Diablo Restaurant is a unique restaurant set in the middle of the park. Here, the food is cooked outside using the natural heat from the volcanoes. Some people complain that the meat was slightly overcooked due to the natural cooking methods but the whole experience is pretty cool!
  • Geothermal demonstrations are shown by the park’s rangers every 15 minutes or so near El Diablo restaurant. They pour some water into a small hole causing it to evaporate and steam out like a geyser. Another demonstration is dry grass held in the ground which ignites very quickly due to the active volcano heat underneath!
geyser national park lanzarote
geothermal timanfaya national park 3 4
  • Opening Hours: Everyday 9 AM to 5 PM (last entrance at 3:45 PM )
  • Ticket Price: 12 euros per person that you pay directly at the gate entrance from your car. Bring cash as they don’t accept cards! UPDATE 2024: The price has increased to 20 euros per person.
  • How to get to Timunfaya National Park: It takes 25 minutes from Playa Blanca to reach the National Park. You can’t miss the entrance as there is a small office and signs.

The Visitor Center, which is free to visit, is a great way to learn about the volcanoes and the island of Lanzarote. The small exhibition and the short movie are very informative and interesting. (Open everyday from 9 AM to 4 PM)

El Golfo  

This small fishing village is located on the west coast of the island. It feels very untouched and has amazing sea views. We liked the small white houses decorated with cacti and the chilled atmosphere.

You can stop here for a lovely seafood lunch in one of the many restaurants! We tried the restaurant  Bogavente which we loved! See below our other restaurants’ recommendations.

el golfo village 3 4 2
el golfo village 3 4
el golfo lunch restaurant 3 4
el golfo lunch prawns 3 4
el golfo lunch fish 4 3
  • How to get to El Golfo: from Timunfaya National Park, it only takes 20 minutes to drive to El Golfo.
Chaco Verde

This famous green lake was created by the volcano’s eruptions. Only 5 minutes’ walk from El Golfo village, you will see two great viewpoints of the black sand beach and the green lake. If the tide is low, you can walk to the beach and reach the far point.

chaco verde 3 4 2
chaco verde portrait 3 4 2
Los Hervideros

One of the best sites on the island to witness a dramatic volcanic coastline with hidden caves, and petrified lava resulting from the interaction of the eruptions and the sea.
You can walk around the different coastal trails and discover this unique landscape. The area is a great spot to see the sunset and take photos.

los herviderios 4 3
los hervideros 4 3 2
los hervideros 3 4 3
los hervideros 3 4

How to get to Los Hervideros: from Chaco Verde, it only takes 5 minutes to drive to Los Hervideros.

Los Salinas de Janubio

Only 5 minute’s drive south from Los Hierverderos, you reach the Janubio salt marshes. From the main viewpoint, catch a glimpse of the salt pink colors and the Janubio black sand beach in the background. Keep driving past the Restaurant Mirador Del Salinas to access the beach.

salinas de janubio 4 3

How to get to Los Salinas de Janubio: from Los Hervideros, it takes 5 minutes to drive to Los Salinas de Janubio. However, in December 2024, the road was closed so we had to drive back and it took us 15 minutes to reach Los Salinas.

Day 3: Center of the island
(hike Caldera de Los Cuervos + Vinyards + Las grietas + Museo del Campesino)

Hike Caldera de Los Cuervos

Located in the middle of the island, this hike is a unique opportunity to see inside a volcano crater made of lava formations and sharp rocks. It takes around 1 hour to walk around and inside the Caldera de Los Cuervos.

You will feel very small in the middle of this gigantic crater and witness the raw beauty of the surrounding volcanoes.

caldera de los cuervos lanzarote3 4
caldera de los cuervos lanzarote3 4 5

How to get to Caldera de los Cuervos: From Playa Blanca, the drive takes 25 minutes. There is a parking near the volcano with a defined walking path.

Lanzarote Vinyards – La Geria region

Lanzarote’s vineyards are unique in the world due to their special cultivation in volcanic soil. The main distinction is that the vines grow in small, circular stone walls to protect them from the strong winds. The main wine-producing region is in the central part of the island called La Geria.

We visited two vineyards in La Geria Region.

  • The modern Bodega Stratvs: we paid around 2€ to taste the different wines by the glass (you can also order some food such as cheese and ham platters).
vineyard lanzarote 3 4
vineyard lanzarote 3 4 2
wine stratus bodega 1
  • The family-run Bodeguita Vega Volcan that is a smaller vineyard. The owners share their passion and have a lovely art shop too.
wine bodega lanzarote
vineyard lanzarote 3 4 4

Other notable vineyards to visit:

  • Bodega La Geria – the most famous vineyard with incredible views of the surrounding area.
  • Bodega El Grifo – one of the oldest wineries in the Canary Islands with a small musuem. The wine tours show both traditional and modern producing techniques.
  • Bodega Rubicon – this vineyard boasts beautiful views of the vines. You can visit the Hacienda and tastes some local food.

How to get to La Geria Wine Region: From Caldera de los Cuervos, drive 5 minutes back south to reach the wine region. Most of the vineyards are near each other.


It is highly recommended to book in advance if you want a guided tour to explore the vineyards and visit the cellars.  

Las Grietas

Las Grietas which means “The Cracks” in English describes a special rock formation, cracks, or crevices shaped by volcanic activity. This is the perfect stop for a quick walk after tasting the Lanzarote wines and taking photos of these impressive geological elements.

Be careful when you walk up the cracks, you need good shoes as the rocks are sharped.

las grietas 3 4
las grietas 3 4 2
las grietas 3 4 3

How to get to Las Grietas: Only 10 minutes drive from the wine region, there is a small parking on the other side of the road.

Casa-Museo del Campesino

This small museum designed by Cesar Manrique aims to preserve and promote the island’s rural heritage and agricultural practices. The museum itself is not super interesting but the craft shops where you can buy Lanzarote souvenirs and learn about traditional handicrafts.

There is also a restaurant serving Canarian food. We bought some soaps made in Lanzarote that had the best price on the whole island!

casa campesino museo lanzarote
casa campo museo lanzarote

How to get to Casa-Museo del Campesino: Another 10 minutes drive from Las Grietas, there is a large parking on the site.

Head To your Hotel in Costa Teguise

We stayed in Costa Teguise for the rest of our week.

Day 4: César Manrique & Teguise

César Manrique Foundation

The César Manrique Fundation is one of the most impressive cultural sites in Lanzarote designed by the artist Cesar Manrique himself. The foundation includes the spectacular artist’s former home, the volcano house, located amid a lava coulee and built in volcanic bubbles.

casar manrique foundation 3 4 6
casar manrique foundation 3 4 5
casar manrique foundation 3 4 9

The artist’s ability to blend his art vision with the natural environment is really impressive. The foundation also features different art exhibitions, amazing gardens with sculptures, and panoramic views.

casar manrique foundation 3 4 3
casar manrique foundation 3 4 2
  • Opening hours: Every day (including holidays) from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Ticket price: 10 euros (3 euros for children 7-12 years old). You can buy a combined ticket that includes the visit to Manrique’s house museum in Haria for 17€.
  • How to get to Foundation Cesar Manrique: From Costa Teguise, the Foundacion Cesar Manrique is only a short 10-minute drive.
LagOmar Museum

Nestled in a volcanic quarry, LagOmar is a remarkable architectural property known for being the former house (very briefly) of the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif who lost it playing cards.

lagomar lanzarote 3 4 2
lagomar lanzarote 3 4 4

The place was designed by Cesar Manrique but completed by Jesus Soto. We loved this iconic site that is super photogenic.

lagomar lanzarote 3 4 6
lagomar lanzarote 3 4 3
lagomar lanzarote 3 4 5
  • Opening hours: Every day (including holidays) from 10 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Ticket price: 6 euros
  • How to get to LagOmar: Drive another 8 minutes in the direction of Teguise to reach LagOmar.

Located in the northern part of Lanzarote, Teguise is a historic town with beautiful cobbled streets, and traditional architecture with whitewashed houses. The town is known for its lovely art shops and great restaurants! Spend some time walking around the main plaza, visit the Church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, and learn about the town’s history!

teguise lanzarote 3 4
teguise lanzarote 3 4 2
teguise art shop 3 4 2

Don’t miss the vibrant Sunday market which is one of the largest in the Canary Islands. You can buy some Canarian food, and local handicrafts and experience the local culture!

  • How to get to Teguise: From LagOmar, drive 5 minutes to get to Teguise.
Playa Famara

Known as the surfer’s spot, this long golden-sand beach is the perfect spot to watch the sunset with incredible backdrops of cliffs.

playa famara 2
  • How to get to Playa Famara: From Teguise, the Famara Beach is 15 minute drive away.

Day 5: Northern Part of the Island

Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden was designed by the renowned artist and architect César Manrique. Located 15 minutes from Costa Teguise, it showcases over 4,500 specimens of cactus from around the world. This is the perfect place to take photos and discover the funniest cactus shapes!

cactus garden lanzarote 3 4 7
cactus garden lanzarote 3 4 11
cactus garden 3 4
cactus garden lanzarote 3 4
cactus garden lanzarote 3 4 5
  • Opening hours: Every day (including holidays) from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Ticket price: 6.5 euros per adult (you can buy a combined ticket for several CACT centers giving a discount).
    UPDATE 2024: the price has increased to 8 euros!
Punta Mujeres

This small coastal village boasts a peaceful atmosphere and has natural pools. Worth a stop for a drink and lunch at the restaurant La Piscina.

Jameos del agua

Another great cultural site designed by César Manrique that offers a unique exploration of volcanic caves, with a stunning lagoon populated by endemic blind albino crabs. César Manrique’s artistic influence is all around but is reflected in perfect harmony with the natural environment and nature.

jameos del agua 3 4
jameos del agua lanzarote 3 4 6
jameos del agua lanzarote 3 4 4

Jameos del Agua boasts an auditorium, a concert hall, and a restaurant set amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings.

jameos del agua lanzarote 3 4 7
jameos del agua lanzarote 3 4 5
  • Opening hours: Every day (including holidays) from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • Ticket price: 10 euros per adult. (you can buy a combined ticket for several CACT centers giving a discount).
    UPDATE 2024: the price has increased to 15 euros!
Cueva de los verdes (if time)

This captivating underground volcanic cave system was formed by the eruption of the Corona Volcano. They have guided tours every 15 minutes (50 people per tour) to visit the tunnels and different chambers. The visit lasts 45 to 50 minutes where you marvel at the unique geological formations, including lava stalactites and stalagmites.

cuava de los verdes 4 3
  • Opening hours: Every day (including holidays) from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • Ticket price: 10 euros per adult. (you can buy a combined ticket for several CACT centers giving a discount).
    UPDATE 2024: the price has increased to 15 euros!
Mirador Del Rio

This mirador has one of the best views on the island of La Graciosa. This small island located in the northwest of Lanzarote is only 1km from the coast. The views are incredible and there is a snack bar where you stop to enjoy the view.

mirador del rio 4 3
  • Opening hours: Every day including holidays from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Ticket price: 5 euros per adult. (you can buy a combined ticket for several CACT centers giving a discount).
    UPDATE 2024: the price has increased to 8 euros!

Day 6: Different Options

  • Hikes: Montana Roja, Caldera Blanca, Montana Quemada…
  • Visit Arrecife’s museums and do some shopping.
  • Dolphins tours in Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca.
  • Visit Órzola village for a seafood lunch and swim in the Caletón Blanco natural pools.
  • Fun outdoors activities: Buggy, horse riding, surfing, parasailing.

Day 7: Chill at one of the beaches

For your final day, head to one of the many beaches on the island maybe around Puerto del Carmen to laze on a sunbed!

Best restaurants & bars

Costa Teguise

  • Habana 6
  • Dona Lola
  • La Bohemia
  • SeBe
  • Portobello
  • Mi Piace
  • El Rincon Gastro Bar
  • Villa Toledo

Playa Blanca

  • Citurna Casual Food
  • Epicure
  • Cafeteria Simple & Natural
  • Restaurant Casa Carlos
  • La Casa Roja
  • Bistro del Puerto – morning coffee in front of marina
  • Playa Dorada – beach restaurant

El Golfo

  • Bogavente
  • El Caleton
  • Casa Rafa Restaurante de Mar
  • Costa Azul
  • Mar Azul


  • El Patio Creperie
  • Hesperides
  • Restaurante Palacio Ico
  • Boutique del Pan San Rafael
  • Ikarus


  • Restaurante 7 Hojas
  • La Bodega de Santiago
costa teguise 3 4 3
Dona Lola in Costa Teguisa
restaurant costa teguise 3 4 2
Habana 6 in Costa Teguise


  1. Hi to you both.
    Just a quick note to say well done with the latest additions to your most impressive travel website.
    We used your advice for Vietnam and agree with many of your points made re Siem Reap and Phnom Penh which we also visited before your information went ‘live.’
    Our friends know Lanzarote very well after many trips but were delighted to find some new places featured on your site so many thanks.

  2. Hi to you both.
    Just a quick note to say well done with the latest additions to your most impressive travel website.
    We used your advice for Vietnam and agree with many of your points made re Siem Reap and Phnom Penh which we also visited before your information went ‘live.’
    Our friends know Lanzarote very well after many trips but were delighted to find some new places featured on your site so many thanks.

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